Aldo Bennici

I colori della viola

Aldo Bennici has journeyed through half a century of Italian music with the fast and sometimes feverish pace of a protagonist, but also with the lively eye of the witness. He has been at the centre - as an interpreter - of that vortex of innovations, discoveries, and tensions that from the mid-1960s onwards changed the serious music scene forever. But he also observed those same events with a critical, disenchanted, and ironic eye. And now, having crossed the threshold of his splendid eighty years, he has decided to look at his past and that of Italian music, designing a sort of "sentimental diary", intimate and affectionate, bringing together some of the musical pages that have been crucial to his "life as an artist". Not a simple historical anthology, therefore, nor a definitive summa of his ars interpretandi, but a living testimonial, a key to a possibly unrepeatable era, but an era that still has a lot to say... "In these two recordings", Bennici said on a late autumn afternoon, inside his Florentine home, "I collected some of my 'first performances' and I wanted them all to be live recordings. A different choice, also with respect to the other recordings I've made. These are living documents, immediate, perhaps sometimes imperfect, of my direct relationship with sound. With the sound of my instrument"

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