Pietro Grossi et alii

Suono Segno Gesto Visione a Firenze 2

More than 50 years of musical culture have taken place in Florence since the end of World War 2. This should be systematically explored. Besides the celebrations, it is time to acknowledge that, during the 1960’s, Florence produced a "Musica d’Arte" which could retrieve perception, memory, action and performance, through a dramatic meta-language exalting the potential of emotion and atmosphere through the confrontation triggered by individual experiences, opening the way to discoveries of new creative and poetical horizons. The confrontation and dialogue with several of the historical avant-garde’s most profound sources regarding synesthesia - from Kandinsky to futurism, from Scriabin to Schoenberg and the Bauhaus - was to bring the Florentine approach to maturity. In addition to audible forms for listening, the interaction between gesture, sound and vision became sign, making music utopia.

* World premiere recording

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