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ATP001 Richard Trythall  Parts Unknown Euro 14.99
ATP002 Olivier Messiaen  Quatuor pour la fin du temps Euro 14.99
ATP003/04 Roberto Fabbriciani  XX live dream flute Euro 24.99
ATP005 Jean-Pierre Drouet  Les mains veulent parler aussi Euro 14.99
ATP006 Bruno Canino  Clash Euro 14.99
ATP007 Vinko Globokar  La Tromba è Mobile Euro 14.99
ATP008 David Moss  Music for voice, electronics and percussion Euro 14.99
ATP009 S. Bussotti, G. Cardini, G. Chiari, D. Lombardi   Suono, segno, gesto visione a Firenze Euro 14.99
ATP010 P.Grossi, G.Chiari, G.Cardini, A.Mayr, D.Lombardi, M.Aitiani, S.Maltagliati  Suono Segno Gesto Visione a Firenze 2 Euro 14.99
ATP011 Michael Riessler  Doppelter Boden - Soli Euro 14.99
ATP012/013 John Tilbury  Piano Triadic Memories - Notti Stellate a Vagli Euro 24.99
ATP014 Teodoro Anzellotti  Recondite Fisarmonie Accordion Euro 14.99
ATP015 Alvin Curran  Endangered Species Euro 14.99
ATP016 Pietro Grossi  Bit Art Euro 14.99
ATP018 Lucia Bova  Still Harping on Music Euro 14.99
ATP 019-20 Karlheinz Stockhausen   Klavierstücke I-XI Bernhard Wambach-Havemann Euro 24.99
ATP021 Daniel Lombardi  Cage Age Euro 14.99
ATP022 Morton Feldman  For Philip Guston John Tilbury Piano Carla Rees Flute Simon Allen Percussions Euro 34.99
ATP 023-24 Sofia Gubaidulina  Misterioso Euro 24.99
ATP 025-1-2-3 M. Feldman  For Christian Wolff Euro 29.99
ATP 026-27 Manuel Zurria  Hotel Boltanski Euro 24.99

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