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Pietro Grossi
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Pietro Grossi was trained as a violoncellist and composer. The present opportunity offers us the chance to listen to his early instrumental works and to consider the exemplary coherence which characterized his development throughout the following years. His interest was in the sound’s vibration in time, a horizontal idea of the use of sound which concentrates our attention at times on simple resonances, at times on sine waves, in the search for sound histograms which, most likely, came from his experience as a violoncellist. In fact, he had a constant tension towards perfect intonation – also in the use of microtones – and a full vibrato in the production of the sound. His rapport with the violoncello tended towards a new objectivity which makes one think of Alfredo Casella, certainly not of the long romantic season during which the instrument was compared to the vox umana.

His encounter with electronic music and, later, with the computer, stimulated an exponential growth of his potential while his confrontation with the evolving technological possibilities constantly enraptured him. This brought him, even, to conceive of a listening library electronically elaborating and archiving masterworks of the past, a music deposit for the successive generations.

Live Recording at Sala da Ballo del Fiorino,
Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Palazzo Pitti,
Florence 9 October 2010
Recording and Mastering: Mauro Forte,
Tommaso Leonetti, Francesco Baldi
Artistic Director: Daniele Lombardi
2010 Fondazione ATOPOS

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CD Booklet - Quartetto 1957 per quartetto d’archi
Quartetto Elisa
Duccio Beluffi, 1° violino
Gabriele Bellu, 2° violino
Fabrizio Merlini, viola
Giovanni Lippi, violoncello
P. Grossi Mosso 05:15
P. Grossi Largo 05:31
P. Grossi Mosso 04:21
  total time 15:7
World premiere recordings.
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CD Booklet - Composizione n.5 1959 per trè contrabbassi
Marco Martelli
Marco Mazzinghi
Stella Sorgente
I 02:58
II 02:44
III 01:33
Composizione n.6 1960 per quartetto d’archi 10:28 Quartetto Elisa
Studio da “Tre pezzi”- 1960 per violoncello solo 02:06 Andrea Nannoni
Composizione n.11- 1961 per voce e pianoforte 07:49 Donatella Debolini
Composizione n.12- 1961 per quartetto d’archi 11:53 Giancarlo Cardini
Create C 17:21 1972 computer music
  total time 56:52
World premiere recordings.
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