Manuel Zurria. Hotel Boltanski - Contemporary classical music compositions for flutes

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Manuel Zurria
Hotel Boltanski


Some time ago, at a market stall, I found these two postcards: a soldier on leave (for this reason very content and satisfied…) letting someone take a souvenir shot of him to send to his family and friends. In the first image, the photographer, to make the subject sweeter, has prepared a beautiful bouquet of artificial red flowers. In the second image, the flowers are still there, but they are withered and strewn across the bench, lifeless. Magically whitened. The result is surreal and if it were not clearly staged, a mise-en-scène, it could suggest fantastic interpretations and hidden, subliminal, messages. This double image symbolically shows the meaning of the art of copying. On this recording, as I have already done in the past, I appropriated music that belonged to other instruments to create apocryphal versions of it (sometimes with license) and then delivered them to the final and resolute judgment of the author. Hotel Boltanski is a place for the soul, a small museum of wonders, my Wunderkammer. Here experimentation and pop, freedom and rigor, order and disorder, memory and future, numbers and clouds, all co-exist. Its rooms are inhabited by composer friends, people I’ve never met, travelling companions, tutelary deities. It is a sincere and passionate tribute to a great artist who has accompanied my work for years with books, postcards, catalogues, photographs, exhibitions, and discussions: Christian Boltanski. I take this opportunity to create a list, one that perhaps my beloved Georges Perec would have liked, where all experiments that, with no apparent form, have come and gone over the years according to a free and without a preestablished order, are lined up like toy soldiers. Now, however, this list puts them in relation to each other and the thing takes on different and mysterious meanings. I realize I have filled entire notebooks with names of composers and pieces of music, relative durations, composition and birth dates.

Lists, numbers, names, numbers, lists and then more numbers, numbers, numbers…

Manuel Zurria
Rome, September 6th, 2016

Recording & Mixing: Manuel Zurria
Artistic Director: Daniele Lombardi

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CD 1 Manuel Zurria Hotel Boltanski
György Kurtág Virág az ember... for flutes’ choir 0:44 1983
Salvatore Sciarrino Autostrada prima di Babilonia 11:52 2015
Beat Furrer Invocation VI 10:52 2007
Heinz Holliger Pour Roland Cavin 2:13 1984
Toshio Hosokawa Sen I 12:40 1984
Yan Maresz Circumambulation 5:13 1997
Salvatore Sciarrino Come vengono prodotti gli incantesimi? 0:16 1985
Peter Ablinger Ohne titel / three flutes 23:00 1989-91
  total time 66:50
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CD 2 Manuel Zurria Hotel Boltanski
Noah Creshevsky Psalmus XXIII (synchronism for flute and fixed media) 7:30 2016
Howard Skempton Half moon for flute and accordeon 2:08 1990
Mary Jane Leach Bruchstück 0:25 2002
Michel Van der Aa Rekindle 0:16 2010
Laurence Crane Four Pieces I 4:19 1995
Giuliano D’Angiolini Berceuse 4:34 2013
Pierre Jodlowski Limite Circulaire 19:12 2011
  total time 38:24
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