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Olivier Messiaen
Quatuor pour la fin du temps


This large work for clarinet, violin, ‘cello and piano testifies to the fact that music’s spirituality can offer a ray of hope even in the darkest moments in which an artist, a human being, may find him or herself. In fact, the conception of this work is strongly marked by the fact that Messiaen had experienced the reality of the concentration camp. It is extremely interesting to hear the performance of this work by young yet already important musicians who, fortunately, have never known such a devastating reality, yet have been capable of infusing this music with expressivity – an expressivity which makes every rhythmic pulsation, every harmonic potential, totally effective – and confirms that works such as this, having no borders nor restrictions, can enter into the most varied and distant existential dimensions.

Live Recording at Sogna
Recording and Mastering The Lab Studio
Artistic Director Daniele Lombardi
2004 Fondazione ATOPOS

Contents   Commentary  
Liturgie de cristal 02: 46
Vocalise, pour l'Ange qui annonce la fin du Temps 05: 49
Abîme des oiseaux 06: 23
Intermède 01: 51
Louange à l'Eternité de Jésus 09: 02
Danse de la Fureur, pour les sept trompettes 06: 28
Fouillis d'arc-en-ciel, pour l'Ange qui annonce la fin du Temps 02: 50
Louange à l'Immortalité de Jésus 06: 42
M. Ravel Pavane pour une Infante défunte (trascrizione di Denis Zardi) 06: 28
  total time 48:19
Roberto NOFERINI Violino Anton DRESSLER Clarinetto
Andrea NOFERINI Violoncello Denis ZARDI Pianoforte
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